Thursday, January 21, 2010

ChChChCh Changes

Well I'm into my first week at the new ad agency and it's been fabulous. There is so much to learn that I feel like a fish out of water but I'm slowly getting into the groove. Everyone's been extremely nice especially on the technology front. Don't get me wrong, I view myself as pretty tech savvy, but in terms of a PC and my beloved Blackberry. Well gang they threw me for a loop at the agency and gave me a new MacBook Pro and I switched over to an iPhone. Both are absolutely sick (meaning in a good way) and I'm beginning to love the features. But don't get me wrong, my first love was my Blackberry. I guess, new year, new career, new technology. C'est la vie!

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karen said...

Don't forget the VM for your office suite. I made the same changes this summer. All good, but PPT in mac doesn't track changes, And your beloved excel has line break issues, Next class for me - VM SO much to learn.