Thursday, November 5, 2009

What To Read?

I just finished a book I was very reluctant to read at first. I think I was reluctant because this author had other books that I loved and I was hoping this one wasn't going to disappoint. Well, it didn't and I think it might be my new favorite book from her; her being Amy Tan and the book being The Hundred Secret Senses.

Here is a great summary of the book by a fellow "Goodreader":
Olivia, the narrator, is the American-born daughter of a Chinese man and an American woman. When her father is on his deathbed, he reveals to his wife that he left behind a daughter in China, and asks her to retrieve the daughter. Enter Kwan, Olivia's older half-sister who believes that she has "yin eyes" and can see and speak to ghosts.

Olivia struggles her whole life to ignore and dismiss Kwan's superstitions until her marriage is crumbling and she, her estranged husband and her sister find themselves on a trip to China together.

The ending is, well, you have to read it!

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