Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This last weekend we celebrated J turning 5! We had three parties for him. Why three you ask? It's because I'm over compensating for the lack of parties I had when I was little and I want The Boys to have wonderful and memorable birthdays. I also think it's easier to have "school friend" and "non-school friend" parties. It's easier for me to not have to entertain all the parents and make introductions. The last party was a family party. All three went off without a hitch and J said, "I had the best birthday ever!" Well, that was worth it in my book. I'll post some pictures soon of the fabulous donuts and other treats we had at the parties. This year, J decided it was all about donuts and donut holes. Too funny but fabulously easy for mom!

NOTE: Image via it's mary ruffle

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