Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

Like many households, we recyle as much as possible. Sometimes I'm at a loss when it comes to some items. My latest head scratcher was, what to do with our two car seats. It's been some time since W and J needed them and they were in great shape. I first tried to sell them on Craigs List, thinking I would get some interest. They were in great condition and they were the five harness Britax carseats. After I posted them I was told that you can not sell used carseats because after six years the plastic starts to become brittle and there is no way of authenticating whether or not a car seat was involved in a car accident. I dug around and found a program from Safe Kids that recycles car seats! I missed the days for drop off but did get a hold of the director and she gave me the following address to drop off my car seats. Here is the address: 13000 South 2700 West.

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