Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Camps

With the end of the school year almost here I've started looking at Summer Camps for W and J. I'm a bit behind so I need to get going! There are some amazing camps out there from Red Butte Gardens, the Utah Museum of Natural History, and the University of Utah. I've signed W and J up for camps such as Undersea Explorers, Space Academy, Pretend Pirate, Cooking, and Oaks & Owls/Snake Scales & Lizard Tales. Check out the list of camps, here, here, and here.


epd said...

I signed up my kids for a week at Wheeler Farm. Check that one out, very reasonably priced and looks like tons of fun! They'll be there August 10-14.

Cheri said...

Thanks for the ideas. I will store them in the back of my mind to look into in a couple of years. When your kids get older and are into music, look at the music camps they have at Snow College. EXcellent!!