Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do You Pandora?

Have I ever told you that I listen to NPR all the time? Ha ha! Of course I have! But I have a confession to make. Sometimes at work, NPR is just too much. I can't really zone it out when I'm working on a project. That's where Pandora comes in. It's fab-u-lous! Pandora is a human music genome project. You can listen to free internet radio in a variety of ways. You can select an artist or song you like, rate the artist/song, and you will be "served" music that is similar to the ones you have rated that you like. Or you can create your own station by choosing songs you want. Remember when you used to make custom tapes or CDs, well you can do that on Pandora and change/add/delete whenever you want. Give it a try; I know you'll get hooked. Rock on!

P.S. If you already use Pandora, I would love it if you would share any stations you have created.

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